What We Are

What We Are

FaithCanon is a social media platform built to be a content provider and a digital marketing company of all things Christian and, by doing so, spread the Word of God globally.


Due to global fragmentation of Christianity, there is no single platform dedicated to the Christian public.


The user will connect and discover Christianity through Prayer, movies, music, education, philanthropy and news, all in one place, filtered with his preferences. With state of the art technology and design, it is the only enterprise internet platform to aggregate in one place churches, news’ entertainment and Christian products.


Unlike other Social Media Networks, FaithCanon created a directory for churches, entertainment companies, news agencies or any other Christian business to build their own professional space to market their products or services directly to their audience.


FaithCanon has partnered with Smart Engagement’s proprietary technology that allows the users to literally filter out the noise and customize the content they are bringing home. One of the features include building personal customized pages without advertisement.


Churches and Christian communities will have their own personal page where they will interact directly with their members.


The first phase has been completed which includes a website portal with backend database with mobile apps and the permanent website, a machine learning program will be incorporated to enhance the interaction and provide a live, personal experience through FaithCanon.


FaithCanon takes the social media experience to the next level. It is about taking on a personal Journey to Discover Christianity and grow spiritually.